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The Flutie Family and the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation have been champions for the Alliance and for the causes surrounding Autism.

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Autism Insurance Resource Center- EK Shriver Center/UMass Medical
Shriver Center-Amy Weinstock-Arica /Autism Insurance Info
200 Trapelo Road, Waltham, MA 02452-6319 781-642-0248

SMOC Home Modification Loan Program
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Autism Spectrum Advocacy
Our diverse professional and hands-on backgrounds in education, Applied Behavioral Analysis, business, advocacy and as parents of our own children with autism, and through our mutual commitment to ongoing professional development & education, professional & personal integrity, and client service, Autism Spectrum Advocacy offers our clients a unique group advocacy model which enables us to leverage our respective deep expertise and combine our experience, education, and strong networks of relationships with knowledgeable professionals who assist families in Massachusetts in order to provide comprehensive, compassionate advocacy services of the highest caliber to the families we serve. In doing so, we are able to meet the needs of more families in obtaining the education services and supports that are needed to help children with ASDs succeed.
The Autism Consortium catalyzes rapid advances in understanding of autism by fostering collaboration among families, researchers, clinicians, and donors.
Their mission is to improve the care of children and families affected by autism and other neurological disorders.
Listing disability services and events in eastern MassachusettsGiving Greetings
A resource for parents who use low-tech visual supports, communication aids and PECs with their kids. Find resources, books, visual supports, awareness-building cards and gifts and more.
Welcome to the developmental disability leadership forum, offering courses,
discussion groups, articles and conferences/events to anyone interested in
developmental disability.
My seven year old with Asperger’s LOVES the water.  A friend tells me that he had watched a special on ESPN about this organization that is called “Surfers Healing” and that I should check it out.  I went onto the web site and was blown away.  I was so excited that there were other kids out there that were calmed by the water and craved something special for just their kids.  The next day I turn on Good Morning America, and they were doing a segment on this same organization.  I really felt like that was a sign, we had to do go.

SurfersSurfer Healing is a non-profit organization that puts together one day surfing camps for kids on the autism spectrum.  They do this all over the country.  We signed up for the one in San Diego, CA, since we were planning a trip out there to visit family

On July 19th, my son Frankie surfed for the first time.  It was the most amazing thing to watch children with all different backgrounds and abilities get on a surf board and surf.   Each child had a surfer and a spotter with them.  All the people that were there were so gentle with the children and the parents.  To see the look on these kid’s faces was priceless.  The feeling of accomplishment and the feeling of pride was written all over their faces.  They didn’t need to speak in order to understand what they were feeling.

We were always so apprehensive to do new things because of the domino effect that happens to children.  I am truly grateful for the experience that Surfers Healing gave to my son.  When people ask Frankie what he did this summer he says, “I  became a surfer”.

Written By  Alexis Topham
Established in 2003 is an internet access web channel that broadcasts interactive programming 24/7 via the internet. The lineup includes streaming video related to autism and other neurological disorders. Families, clinicians and educators can witness the latest therapies and treatments, seminars as well as personal stories all for free. Thanks to the Dan Marino Foundation.
Welcome to the website of the Lab of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at Boston University School of Medicine. Here you will find information about lab, our ongoing research projects, our research team, and links to additional resources about the disorders we study, as well as downloadable versions of recent publications.
Overall informational site that has a bit of everything, diagnosis, education,
treatments etc… Loads of links and information about working with your schools, testing, estate planning, a link for children with games and fun activities. as well as a link for adults with autism who are thinking about attending college. - quick facts -autism resources - research and drug discovery - find the sport that's right for your child - video tapes and educational material specific to autism

The Barrett Family Wellness Center
The Barrett Family Wellness Center is a community-based, pediatric occupational and speech therapy facility dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of children and their families. Our integrated team of professionals function collaboratively to share their large knowledge base of how to provide the best possible sessions for your child.

Circles Curriculum
Home » Family Life & Relationships » Circles Curriculum

Lurie Center for Autism

Very helpful site for parents - Prior to child's IEP meeting
5 Point plan for reform of MA Health Care System by Senator Richard T. Moore
OTA"S newsletter is now online- New toy & Activity list-Visual-Vestibular Intervention
The Healthy Children Project is here to bridge the gap between our knowledge of environmental factors that impact developing fetuses, the newborn or young children and the actions we are taking to minimize or eliminate those factors.
LDA believes that every person with learning disabilities can be successful, at school, at work, at relationships, and in the community- given the right opportunities.

Federation for Children with Special Needs

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