Welcome to our new website!


“Our website is currently under construction”. If you have visited our website over the past year, you would have seen this message atop our homepage.

We are thrilled to announce that after almost a year of “construction”, our new website is now live! Thanks to a generous grant from the Attorney General’s Office, we have been able to create an interactive resource hub for families living with autism spectrum disorder in MetroWest Massachusetts and beyond.

Hanging up our “Autism Specialist” hats and diving into the world of website creation was quite a challenge for our team. But with the help of our Advocates’ Advancement colleagues and the specialists at the Washington D.C.-based web company RAD Campaign, we joined forces and expertise to create our new web platform.

In our 24/7 digital culture, caregivers and professionals will now be able to access local resources, news-worthy items and helpful toolkits whenever needed. These online resources will only complement the person-to-person supports that we already provide.  

We are confident that families will find our new website an up-to-date, useful tool and we welcome any and all feedback as we roll out this new site. As always, thank you for your partnership and patience.