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Parent Support Group: Progress Report Workshop

Autism Alliance
1881 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01701

Reading progress reports 101 by Andria Entsminger, Educational Advocate


This month, we will have a guest speaker at our regular support group meeting. Andria's workshop will provide you an opportunity to learn what to look for in your child’s progress reports, red flags to be aware of and when to ask for a team meeting.  Progress reports should be concrete evidence as to whether the IEP is actually effective or if adjustments need to be made.  Learning how to read them and how to address concerns with the team effectively is an extremely important skill for parents to master.  Often parents underestimate the helpful evidence of lack of progress that these reports have hidden in them.


If you see that certain goals have not been started or that your child is not progressing, it may be time to change those goals. Conversely, if your child is achieving all of their goals, this may be an indicator that the goals were set too low.


This will be a hands on workshop where we will review actual progress reports. If you would like your child's progress report to be used as an example for the workshop, please send the two latest reports to Pam at the Alliance  by April 5.