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Housing Consultations with Cathy Boyle

The Autism Alliance, in partnership with Cathy Boyle of Autism Housing Pathways, is pleased to be able to offer Housing Consultations to our families and individuals with ASD.

Housing Consultations are available with Cathy on Zoom Monday November 2, 2020 and Friday November 20, 2020

During each 50 minute appointment, participants complete a guided questionnaire, establishing:

  • Their housing vision (if any)
  • Thoughts on property control and maintenance
  • Steps they have already taken
  • Thoughts on location
  • Likely level and types of support needed
  • Awareness of assistive technology
  • Awareness of person centered approaches

An overview is presented of possible housing models in Massachusetts, ranging from subsidized housing to family-owned options, and the supportive services that may be available.

Participants leave with a personalized check list of next steps to consider, with links for how to go about them.

Please contact Pam McKillop at 774-279-7467 to reserve a time.