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Alex Renzi

Autism Support Broker

Alex discovered Advocates after moving from South Texas to New England in 2005, and more recently found The Autism Alliance.  Alex has an older brother on the autism spectrum and has been passionately involved in special needs communities throughout his life.  Alex volunteered for Special Olympics Track & Field in high school, studied Psychology in undergraduate before seeking doctoral studies in Autism.  Alex worked in a research lab at the University of Texas at Dallas before earning a MS in Human Development and moving to Massachusetts. 

Professionally, Alex has worked in Child Protection Services, Early Intervention, ABA and DIR Floortime Therapy, and has taught early childhood, from 0-5 years old, for many years.  Alex is recently coming from a teaching background back into the world of autism. 

“This is where my heart has always been and I am dedicated to helping others on this journey to access services that will maximize their potential!”