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Respite Opportunity for families with children ages 4-12


Register below for Our "Meet and Greet" Sunday March 1st, 8am -10am at Boston Ability Center, 10 Tech Circle in Natick. Bring your children and meet our trained student respite providers.

Families: have you been looking for respite workers, someone to be with your child with autism while you go to an appointment, a date night, meet up with friends or do an activity with your neurotypical child?

As part of our Autism Welcoming Initiative, the Autism Alliance has been working with various area high schools and colleges to build a Caregiver Corps. This is a group of teenagers and young adults who are interested in doing respite work with our children with autism.

These students have participated in an Introduction to Autism presentation at their school. Here they learned the basics about autism in general, and what to expect as a respite worker.

Once trained, we hold “Meet and Greets” at Boston Ability. These “Meet and Greets” will offer an opportunity for you to meet and interview the students and for them to meet and interview you.

The next step and further participation would be up to you. While each child is different, also each family’s needs are different. It is the expectation that each family who wishes to engage a respite worker will continue the training of these teens and young adults to meet the needs of their children. This may be that the respite worker comes to your house to spend time with your child while you are still there. This may be that you all spend time together, modeling for the respite worker what works best for your child. For some children, this process will be very short, for others, it will be a longer process.


Any questions, please contact Pam at 508-652-9900 or